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Vogue (Feb. 2018)

One of “February’s best books.”
“Sometimes, simply choosing whom to love is a political act, as in memoirist Jasmin Darznik’s first novel, Song of a Captive Bird (Ballantine), a historical fiction based on the life of the Persian feminist poet and filmmaker Forugh Farrokhzad.”

Read it Forward

Jasmin Darznik, author of Song of a Captive Bird, on the women who have meant the most to her as a writer
“Like most novelists, I’m obsessed with the question of what makes people who they are,” says Darznik. Nowhere is this fascination more evident than in her vast collection of memoirs and biographies about women writers and artists. “You can’t become what you can’t see,” she says, stressing how vital these books have been to her, particularly as an immigrant for whom “a writing life has always seemed a wildly improbable and dangerous thing.”

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The Type A Creative

Jasmin Darznik – Who Owns a Story?
A wide-ranging discussion for writers on topics like researching for historical fiction, writing a memoir vs. writing a novel, and having the right to write about something.

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Lenny Letter

A Rebellious Poet Faces the Iranian Revolution
An excerpt of Song of a Captive Bird was featured on Lena Dunham’s site,

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Hunt for Forugh: Writing the Life of an Iranian Poet
In an essay for Signature, Jasmin explains how she discovered Forugh and her poetry–and what pushed her to tell Forugh’s story.

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